We live in a world where negativity screams and positivity whispers. People fear the worst which if unattended to can turn into something larger.

Grief; hurt; rejection, comes in different forms and can last for a while but should NEVER be forever.

We need to understand past experience context; be able to interpret it; deal pain, hold on; press on and predict which direction to go to be in a lesser negative space and engage in positive engagements.

Our conscious awareness can assist with self sustaining spirals like anger and blame game. Each emotions creates self sustaining spirals.

We need to manage our anger spiral and blame game as we are too quick to blame others.

When we start experiencing depressive spirals everything can become very bad.

Positive people experience negative vibes however in the right context. When you are positive you can be less salient, more diffuse and more frequent. You can use positive ratios to measure your own positive emotions.

When we experience negative emotions there’s bad energy which can be boldly dominant affecting those around us; in terms of facial expressions, feeling closed and tense; a feeling of discomfort and an urge to act in a negative manner. We inherit our emotions from our ancestors.

We have to practice more positivity moments by being relaxed, joyful, happier and be more mindful and grateful. Positivity requires us to relive a joyful situation because positive emotions brings more possibilities.

Positive Psychology teaches us to enhance our own happiness and health – become part of our repertoire.

Positive Emotions Broadens thought action repertoire. Pride dreams big broadens your own imagination; we want to achieve more when we do well. Zest for life, productivity and high levels of productivity performance.

Broaden and Build Theory – How emotions change in a moment. How they change in a lifetime. If you broaden your theory you can acquire new skills; become a better version of yourself and have more tools to cope or do better.

Positivity research reveals the upward spiral that will change our lives as part of the broaden and build theory.

With Positivity you will learn to see new possibilities; bounce back from set backs; connect with others better and become the best version of yourself.

Topic Inspirational reflection moments from my PhD Professor of Psychology; Affective Science and Positive Emotions.