Executive Coach using Mindfulness Tools


Jazz Mbanjwa is the Voice of Authentic Confidence. Her life story is embedded in the value system of education – meaning the empowerment of the self; following your passion and living a purposeful life with compassion. Through her strong family background of academics, Jazz aspires to impact positively by
exhibiting moments of gratitude and appreciation of the micro moments in life consciously.

Being the founder of Zenzele People Professionals in 2002, Jazz advocates for Positive and Mindful Leadership. The idea to “ReThink Your Thinking” and (Re)Framing your mindsets towards positivity resonates with Jazz as a brand, as well as Zenzele.

Zenzele started as a consulting agency and has advanced into something more, a Global Resourcing company that specializes in Talent; Leadership Coaching and Development. Jazz empowers professionals to recognize their talents and unlock their capabilities by using a Strengths focus and Strengths Spotting Approach.

In her respective field of expertise, Jazz Mbanjwa has twenty years’ experience as a Human Capital Executive across all Human Resource specialties. She uses science-based and Positive Psychology tools to influence human society, by increasing social and human connectedness. She strongly believes in “Context Leadership”, to be mindful in creating space for others to flourish, and “Positive Resonance”, connecting with humans through positive emotional state of mind.

Jazz is an alumni of IE Business School (Madrid, Spain), having graduated with her Masters’ in Positive Psychology, Leadership and Strategy in July 2019. With this qualification, Jazz has been able to expand Zenzele into providing Executive Coaching to businesses.

As stated, having worked with people in the Human Development space throughout her career. Jazz has progressed in expanding her scope as a Mindfulness Coach with Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, to coach and to make people aware of their breathing momentarily, on how to reduce negative emotions and manage anxiety, how they can monitor their body language and posture using the CEO of BETA (our breathing, managing our emotions, gathering our thoughts clearly and precise in order to take appropriate actions in any situations we are faced with).

Everyday, she lives by her famous words of “These are the beautiful days of our lives”.