Positive leadership builds authentic confidence

The 100% black female-owned Zenzele Recruitment is not your run-of-the-mill recruitment company—a hardly surprising fact, given that the company reflects the values of its founder, the dynamic and visionary
businessperson, Jazz Mbanjwa.

Serving as Managing Director, Mbanjwa is a passionate people’s professional who believes in driving leadership through intention as much as through ability.

With 20 years’ experience as a Human Capital Executive across all HR specialities, she knows how to build and grow future-fit organisations by enabling leaders and engaging employees.

Transformative leadership

Mbanjwa is constantly seeking new and integrative ways to transform leadership through people. Her commitment is evidenced by the completion of her Masters in Positive Psychology, Leadership and Strategy at the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology in Madrid, Spain, in May this year. This achievement was a stepping stone for Mbanjwa to raise her executive leadership coaching capability to a world-class standard.

For two full years, under the guidance of professors and experts from all over the world, Mbanjwa’s career aspirations were profoundly enriched as she underwent a profoundly positive internal transformation. Now she is a certified executive coach specialising in Mindfulness and Positive Leadership as well as Positive Psychology, among others.

The science of human performance, Positive Psychology focuses on identifying the factors that drive greatness and developing training methods for the optimum team and personnel performance. When applied to the functional areas of management, Positive Leadership can act as a powerful catalyst enabling high-performing executives to rethink business issues from a behavioural perspective. Additionally, it can enable them to develop constructive, sustainable solutions to address their biggest challenges.

Capitalising on these insights, Mbanjwa recently added an Executive Coaching arm to her business offering—which is good news for South African business, because companies that implement positive methods deliver productivity up to three times higher than conventionally led companies.

Whether she’s serving on the board of the Information Technology Agency (ITA) or forming partnership agreements with IBM in her role as Managing
Director, Mbanjwa believes in leading where you stand, using the platforms and resources available to you to grow leaders. She has an innate appreciation for
beauty and a deep sense of zest to do more, and empower fellow South Africans in shaping their lives so that they can be the best versions of themselves.
Through this process, Mbanjwa has acquired the skills and tools to assist people.

People are their profession

Founded in 2002, Zenzele Recruitment has been offering high-tech scalable people solutions with a highly personalised approach to blue-chip clients for nearly two decades.

Sourcing talent from across all sectors of employment, Zenzele has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, including solar
power energy, engineering, financial services and ICT. Likening itself to the warm African handshake that extends into a long-lasting relationship, Zenzele
understands people’s requirements, supporting and growing their skills and matching their talents to their career goals.

Whether you’re a corporate seeking local talent suited to your company culture and core values, or a local talent seeking a global corporate partnership to call home; the treatment remains the same—personally professional.

Like their name, which encourages professionals to “do it yourself by helping yourself”, Zenzele empowers professionals to recognise that their talents are valuable and should be valued by the people who represent their best interests.

Nurturing networks

For Mbanjwa, success includes the responsibility of giving back. As a Women-Owned Business (WBE), Zenzele belongs to WeConnect International, a
global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world in order to ensure women have the same opportunity as males to design and implement business solutions that create wealth and ensure the sustainable, prosperous prosperity communities.

Mbanjwa has attended WeConnect International Conferences in the UK for the past three years, networking with women on business issues and how
women can trade with each other and create meaningful collaborations. She is also a fellow of the International Women’s Forum South Africa and a trustee of
the Ubuntu Trust, a non-profit organisation that funds economically uplifting community projects, especially in rural areas like Mbanjwa’s native Eastern


Always on the cutting edge of change, Zenzele has embraced 4IR with zeal by adopting cloud-based leadership coaching and employee
communication platforms.

Zenzele is very proud that it can lead these innovations in the people development industry as a result of a longstanding collaboration with IBM. Mbanjwa’s expertise and vision, coupled with IBM’s forward-thinking enterprise development programme, has resulted in a collaboration founded on a mutual belief in doing transformative work with people and businesses.

The “IBM Digital—Nation Africa” initiative provides a cloud-based learning platform designed to provide free skills development programmes for up to 25 million African youths over five years, enabling digital competence and nurturing innovation in Africa.

This partnership ensures that these young people have access to IBM-certified education and training.

Preserving institutional memory

Data is the new currency—and sometimes it gets personal. The thought of losing employees who have access to information assets is an absolute nightmare for employers whose main capital base is intangibles like goodwill or know-how.

All HR can do is get back a departing employee’s keys and laptop—they can do nothing to extract the valuable knowledge lodged in their brain.

Enter Zenzele eKnowledge Base Application, an online system that will retain business intellectual property using AI
platforms. The Zenzele eKnowledge App Launch for commercialisation into the market will take place on Monday, 5 August 2019.

The app will assist companies to retain skills accumulated over the years and make intelligent decisions based on employees’ knowledge. By using IBM Watson, Zenzele can help companies document all the successes and the failures of the past to facilitate better decision-making based on processed data.

Catch the positive leadership mentor and confident Jazz on: LinkedIn: Jazz Gcobisa Mbanjwa Twitter: @zenzele_people Web: www.zenzele-recruit.co.za Blog: #JazzOptimism.com